Hiking Trails in the Cambria Area

Hiking Trails in the Cambria Area

The Cambria area offers some of the best hiking trails in the country. If you want to explore the secluded beauty of the Santa Ynez Valley or just stroll along the boardwalk at Moonstone Beach, you can do so with confidence. Some of the area’s most popular trails include:

Santa Rosa Creek Trail

The Santa Rosa Creek Trail in Cambria is a good hike for locals and visitors alike. This trail offers views of the nearby vineyards and the waterway. It is a two-mile out-and-back route.

You can start from the Windsor Drive trailhead in Cambria. This trail is paved. If you’re walking the entire trail, you can park your car at the end.

The trail takes you through the wooded corridor of the Preserve. On the way you can see a plethora of birds and a variety of flowers.

A great part of the trail is the way it relates to the namesake creek. The trail also connects to the Joe Rodota Trail, which is accessible via a bicycle/pedestrian bridge.

The most impressive portion of the trail is the two-mile stretch in the Pacific Grove area. There is street parking in the area, but you can also use the trailhead for a fee.

The Santa Rosa Creek Trail offers views of Mount Saint Helena, a nearby creek and several open meadows. At one point it crosses Guerneville Road, which can be a bit tricky.

The road is a bit windy and narrow at times, but is well-marked. In the past, it was a direct link to the coast.

When you get to the other side of the creek, you can follow the Prince Memorial Greenway to downtown Santa Rosa. This trail continues for another 1.1 miles to the park.

The Peidras Blancas lighthouse lens was damaged by a storm in 1949, but was recovered by the local Lions Club and displayed in the Main Street lighthouse. The lens has since been replaced with a more modern design.

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

If you’re looking for a fun hiking trail in Cambria, look no further than the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk. It’s a short hike that hugs the coast for more than a mile. There are several side paths to check out the rocky seashore and tide pools. You’ll also find plenty of wildflowers in the spring.

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The Cambria boardwalk was once named one of the best in the state. In fact, it was listed in a list of eight of the best beach walks in California. That’s because it offers a great view of the beach and the ocean.

The 1.3-mile boardwalk has many spurs that lead to a variety of points of interest. At the southern end of the trail, there’s a lookout point for views of the ocean, the lagoon, and the Santa Rosa Creek.

Another fun thing to do in the area is to visit the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. The preserve offers a variety of trails for all levels of hikers. From simple walking trails to more challenging ones, it’s worth checking out.

Also, if you’re in town during the summer, make sure to catch a peek at the sea. You can see a pod of dolphins playing in the swells. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Central Coast.

The best time to go to Moonstone Beach is around sunrise or sunset. These times are ideal because you’ll be able to watch the sun crest the horizon in shades of orange.

For those who aren’t into hiking, Moonstone Beach is an excellent spot for surfing, fishing, and beachcombing. There’s also a nearby trail that leads through an eucalyptus grove.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon or a quick morning hike, the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk is a must-see.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve in Cambria is a great place to spend a day. Located on the Central Coast, it’s just a short drive from San Luis Obispo. This 430-acre open space is home to a variety of wildlife and coastal flora. There are several trails and a mile of beach to explore.

Originally, the ranch was used for cattle grazing. In the turn of the century, development plans were made for a major residential and commercial project. However, locals and a community organization saved the land from development.

Now, the Fiscalini Preserve is a public open space that welcomes visitors of all ages. Whether you’re hiking or biking, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. You can see wildlife and scenic coastal bluffs, and explore wetlands and marshes.

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Visitors can take part in monthly docent-led tours to learn more about the area’s history and geography. If you’re interested in learning more about the area’s wildlife, there are plenty of species of special concern at the Fiscalini Ranch.

When visiting the park, be sure to keep your dog on a leash. A fenced dog park is located at Burton Drive.

The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is open from sunrise to sunset. There are eight different trails to choose from. These trails range in difficulty from moderate to easy. Some are ADA accessible.

One of the best views in the park is on the Bluff Trail. Along the bluffs, you’ll see a driftwood arch and south-facing ocean cliffs. It’s a nice, easy hike with a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

While you’re in the area, visit the nearby Castle Inn for a complimentary breakfast. There’s also a swimming pool to relax in.

Equestrian use allowed only on specified trails

The city of Cambria has several hiking trails that are open to the public. These trails are generally easy to moderate in difficulty. Some trails are ADA accessible and others feature boardwalks. Equestrian use is allowed on some of these trails, but is limited to certain trails.

The San Simeon Natural Preserve is a 3-mile trail that passes through scenic overlooks and interpretive panels. It also provides information on the wildlife and habitat of the area. In addition, there are rest stop benches along the way.

The Fern Canyon Trail is a 1.5-mile loop that showcases ferns, oaks, and Monterey pines. This trail begins at the bottom of Fern Canyon, then crosses Fern Drive before heading into the chaparral. After about 3/4 mile, the trail ends in the chaparral near Highway 1.

The Leffingwell Landing trail is a 2-acre park in the city of Cambria. It features a rocky shore with plenty of tide pools. The trail is also a great way to watch crashing waves. There is a small parking lot at the end of the trail.

The Equestrian Trailhead is not suitable for horse rentals. You must purchase a permit from the Cambria CSD before using the trail. Horse drawn wagons are not permitted, and you must leave your pets at home. Hang gliding is prohibited.

If you are interested in equestrian activities in the area, you should consider the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. This 430-acre property was permanently protected in November 2000 through a public and private effort. The Preserve is separated from the city by Highway 1, but the communities of Cambria and Park Hill border the preserve. The trails are open to the public from 8 am until sunset.

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Accessibility options

You can experience everything that Cambria has to offer with a variety of hiking trails. Whether you want to hike the sand dunes, see the coastline, or take in the sights of the nearby towns, you can find something to suit your tastes. With a trail system that offers a number of accessibility options, it’s easy to experience the beauty of Cambria with your family.

In addition to being a great place to explore, the San Simeon Natural Preserve has a number of scenic overlooks, rest stop benches, and information on the wildlife and habitat of the area. If you’re looking for a longer hike, try the Bluff Trail. It’s nearly a mile long, and the views from the top of the bluff are stunning.

Other trails include the Fern Canyon Preserve and the Piedras Blancas Trail. Both of these hikes feature Monterey pines, oaks, and the chance to spot wildlife. The Fern Canyon trail crosses Fern Drive, and dead ends in a chaparral near Highway 1.

Other popular trails include the Hearst San Simeon State Park trail, the San Simeon Point Trail, and the Whale Trail. These trails provide panoramic views of the coast and the surrounding mountains. They are located near the ocean, and are accessible from the Washburn Day Use Area. Depending on your schedule and fitness level, you can do them as a loop or as an out-and-back adventure.

If you’re in the mood for a dog-friendly adventure, check out the Cambria trail system. It’s also a great way to connect with other trails in the area. For example, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can take the 11Creek to Ridge Trail and wind your way up the hill past the original ranch foundations.

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